Everlasting Stories


Funeral Home Testimonials

"I  love the items we received, the brochure and foam board advertisements  are very clear and concise. I was hesitant to put any information out  for families without having all the information. :-) I am very much  looking forward to participating with your company in the near future." 

"I,  as a tattooed individual, as well as a licensed embalmer, am very  greatful for the program you have put together. The instructional video  was very educational and with the knowledge I already have, I feel  comfortable for when my first tattoo recovery happens." 
Neil in California

"Savemyink.tattoo  is a leading company in the Funeral Service Industry, with their  cutting edge proprietary formula they are saving/making lasting  memorials of loved one's tattoos.
5280 Cremation and Funeral Services  experiences with Michael Sherwood and staff are professional, courteous  proving they are knowledgeable and confident in their services.
5280 Cremation and Funeral Services is proud to be a preferred provider of savemyink.tattoo."
Joe Walsh

Customer Testimonials



​​ "I  would pay the money over and over again. So, so worth it. So extremely  pleased. Thank you for assisting me in getting this done even though my  local funeral home had different thoughts and even tried to talk me out  of it. My husband and I thought long and hard on this before his death.  He would have LOVED how his art turned out after preservation and  framing. He was a well known artist in our community and tattoos were a  passion for him. Very proud of our beautiful tasteful pieces of art.  They will forever be cherished by our family." Dawn S

"This  tattoo she got when she had a year of sobriety under her belt. I got a  frog too because frogs don't drink. The symbolism with this tattoo is  meaningful to my entire childhood and adult life. From the bottom of my  heart, thank you!" Veronica

"This  is the coolest idea I've ever heard of in my life. I have hours and  hours of tattoos and I plan on putting this in my will"

​ "I  have pre-planned my funeral. I have always had my own ideas on how I  want things done and I am the type of person to make sure that it  happens. I stumbled upon savemyink.tattoo’s website and became intrigued  with the idea of preserving my body art…..how unique is THAT?

My family has always known about my wishes to plan my funeral from my  music choices to passages to be read. Now they know about my tattoo  preservation. Save My Ink Forever supplies the proper forms to insure  your art is left to the designated recipient. My funeral director has  all of the proper paperwork and has the correct contact information upon  my death. I encourage you to work with Save My Ink Forever if this is  something you’re interested in doing and make sure that your funeral  director is on board with the process…it takes some understanding and an  open mind."
Connie D.